Microwave electrodeless ultraviolet waste gas treatment equipment

microwaveElectrodeless lampequipmentwaste gasProduct Description: microwave electrodeless UV lamp waste gas treatment equipment, waste gas treatment equipment, electrodeless UV lamp, waste gas, photocatalysis, photo oxidation, ozoneSpecification of waste gas treatment equipment for microwave electro..
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Electrodeless lamp


waste gas

Product Description: microwave electrodeless UV lamp waste gas treatment equipment, waste gas treatment equipment, electrodeless UV lamp, waste gas, photocatalysis, photo oxidation, ozone

Specification of waste gas treatment equipment for microwave electrodeless ultraviolet lamp

Components: microwave generator, electrodeless UV lamp, exciter, fan, power supply, outer casing

Single lamp input power: 400-600W

Lamp length: 800mm (optional)

Outer diameter of lamp tube: 17mm (optional)

Distribution center: independent socket

Quantity demand: one socket supply power for one system

Power supply: 220 V or 380 V, AC (optional)

Catalyst: titanium dioxide (optional)

Product advantages:

1. Environmental protection: there is no noise during the operation of the equipment, and secondary pollution will not occur.

2. Simple installation: just connect the equipment to the pipeline to complete the installation, fully automatic operation and maintenance free.

3. Low operation cost: the equipment has no any mechanical action, low energy consumption, no special personnel management and daily maintenance, only regular inspection.

4. Long service life: all stainless steel shell, high fire and corrosion resistance, lamp life up to ten years.

5. High efficiency: the reaction time only needs 0.1s to start, fast and effective.

6. Stable: it can meet the requirements of online monitoring of Environmental Protection Bureau, work continuously for 24 hours, and operate stably and reliably.

7. Wide adaptability: it can be customized according to the actual situation of the site and can be applied to any terrain space.

Technical principle:

1. Ultraviolet light in a specific band (185nm) causes oxygen molecules in the air to produce free oxygen, i.e. active oxygen. Due to the imbalance of positive and negative electrons carried by free oxygen, it is necessary to combine with oxygen molecules to produce ozone.

2. The molecular chain of odor gas is broken down by ultraviolet light of specific band (253.7nm), and its macromolecular structure is broken into small molecular structure.

3. Driven by microwave, ozone can move faster and combine with exhaust gas quickly to produce reaction; the other microwave can directly break the long chain of organic exhaust gas and form small molecular substances such as carbon dioxide, water and oxygen.

4. Under the action of catalyst (TiO2), ozone oxidizes the broken odor gas molecules into inorganic substances such as CO2 and H2O. When the catalyst (titanium dioxide) is irradiated by ultraviolet light, it can generate super oxide anion radicals and oxyhydrogen radicals with strong chemical activity, which attack the organic matter and degrade the organic matter. Titanium dioxide is a kind of non dissolving material. It can decompose organic pollutants and kill bacteria thoroughly, but it can't decompose and dissolve itself. Its photocatalysis is is long-lasting, and it has a long-lasting effect of sterilization and degradation of pollutants.


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